Set Up Your Gmail Account, Part Two

Last week, I talked about how to initially set up your Gmail account.  Initial setup works well if you just want to get up and go email someone, but sometimes real estate agents need a little bit more.  This post about setting up your Gmail account will be about importing your real estate client and business contacts, creating a professional real estate signature to go at the end of your emails and a few other Gmail tips.

Google Gmail InboxFirst, you’ll need to login to your newly created Gmail account.

We’ll start with importing real estate client and business contacts.   Click on the Red Gmail in the upper left-hand corner, just below the Google logo.  You’ll see a few options, including Contacts.  Click on that.

How to Access Google Gmail's Contacts

A prompter will come up that says “Welcome to  Contacts!  To add a contact,  click the “New contact” button.  That button looks like a silhouette of a person, with a plus sign next to it.  However, that is how to add individual new contacts.  Most real estate agents have a contact list (from their preexisting email address or MRIS or another source) that they would like to import.  You can do that by clicking on the “More” option next to the silhouetted person and selecting “Import.”

How to Add New Contacts to Google's Gmail

A prompter will come up telling you that Google’s Gmail accepts CSV files (a file extension type) from a number of sources, as well as V-Cards (which is an Apple contacts product).  When you are exporting your contacts from the previous source, make sure the “.csv” file extension or V-Card is selected.  Once exported, you can browse for the file through Google’s Gmail “Import Contacts” feature and upload.

Import Contacts from CSV files and VCards for Google's GmailNow that your contacts are uploaded, let’s create a professional real estate signature.  From the contacts page, select the gear (or widget) looking thing in the top right-hand corner.  When you click on that, you get a number of options.  Select “Settings.”

Use Google Gmail Settings to Access the Signature Feature of GmailWhen you select “Settings,” you’ll be automatically led to the General tab of Settings.  There are number of things to explore under the General tab of Settings, but if you scroll almost all the way to the bottom, you will see the Signature box in which you can create your professional real estate signature.  Don’t forget to include the mandatory disclosures that might be required by your state/state’s association!

Create a Signature for your Google Gmail Email Messages

Notice that you can insert pictures (including logos) and links in your signature!  Once you’ve finished creating the email signature you want, be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom and click “Save Changes.”

Finally, a few more tips for Gmail.  If you want to change the way your Google Gmail Inbox looks, you can adjust that under the “Inbox” tab under Settings.  Toggle the different options until you create the inbox that’s closest to what you want.

Change Google Gmail Inbox Display Type

Another tab you’ll want to explore under Settings is “Labs.”  Google Labs are additional features you can add onto your Gmail.  They aren’t something that Google has released for everybody, but it’s a great place to experiment with customizing your Gmail to make it perfect for you.  Some of my agents’ favorites include “Preview Pane” and “Smartlabels.”

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment with Google Labs in Google Gmail

So there you have it!  A few more details that will lead you on the road to making Gmail your one and only email provider for your professional real estate and personal email alike.  If you have any questions about any of above, or any Google Gmail questions in general, please contact me at:



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