The Perfect Blend: New School and Old School

One of the biggest themes in last night’s Grammys awards ceremony was collaboration.  While many notable artists came together to fuse new sounds – like Lang Lang and Metallica, and Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons – some of the best collaborations came from the blending of older, well-established artists with new, up-and-coming performers.  With performances featuring Blake Shelton and The Highwaymen, and Chicago and Robin Thicke, the Grammys clearly illustrated that some beautiful music can be made with the confluence of the old and the new.   This beautiful partnership can also be found in the best real estate brokerages, where old school service combines with new school technology to provide the best possible experience for real estate agents and clients alike.

Old and New WorldWhen you’re building a house, you need to start with a good, strong foundation.  Similarly, when building the foundation for a successful real estate brokerage, there are key core basics  that must be built upon.  In real estate, these include the timeless practices of customer service and real estate fundamentals.  Extraordinary customer service stems from a love of people, and a desire to help them, above your own personal interests.  Real estate fundamentals include understanding (and abiding by) legal precepts,  continuous education in the real estate field, and the fine art of negotiation.

wooden structure of house

Upon that foundation, then, can be added extra tools that can enhance a real estate brokerage and make it shine.  Technology has proven to be the fastest and most game-changing tool that a real estate brokerage can add to enhance its customer service and enable its agents.  Further, new technology provides a solid through-line experience from the brokerage down to its real estate agents and passed to the real estate clients.   From enhanced brokerage and agent websites, to customized intranets, to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plans and paperless technologies, real estate brokerages can build something quite beautiful indeed.  When they concentrate on weaving the core, enduring real estate elements with the new technologies best suited for themselves, their agents and their clients, what a unique and wonderful music can be made.

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