Success Through Systems

I’ll admit – we haven’t posted as much as we usually do here on Agent Driven Tech. Eddie and I were lucky enough to not only be attendees at the Inman Real Estate Connect conference in San Francisco (“ICSF”) for a week in July, but also to participate in the conference on many different levels. (Eddie spoke on main-stage, as well as in a panel, while I repeated a performance as an Inman Ambassador, coupled with moderating the Technology Track on Day 1.)

All in all, it was an amazing conference, and I look forward to breaking it down even further in following posts.

Today, however, I was reminded of one of the reasons while I sit here in the Delta Sky Club at LAX; namely, success through systems.

Yes, of course the Inman conference itself has its own systems. Everywhere is made aware of the expectations of content as well as the timing, and I know that people like Will Hansen and Laura Monroe have it down to an Inman conference science.

Delta at LAXI’m also reminded, however, because I’m sitting at one of those big picture windows that overlook LAX terminals and gates, allowing a little closer inspection of the everyday systems of airlines. Specifically, I’m sitting just outside of Delta. And for the past couple of hours, I’ve watched Delta personnel load airplanes. While I’m sure every airline has a system (and some aren’t admittedly successful), from observation, there’s a method to all this madness:

* Person drives up with luggage.
* Luggage has been arranged already according to weight and priority.
* Person loads plane, scanning each piece before putting it on the conveyor belt.
* Scan corresponds with luggage claim barcode on individual’s ticket, given to them at check-in.
* Tracking is enabled for luggage

Now, this isn’t just for luggage – the food trucks, maintenance crew, everyone has a system. And that’s what makes airline travel, for the most part, successful. There’s a system for everything. Derivations may happen, behind the scenes, and I’m sure systems get adjusted upon input from internal and external, but there is * always* a system.

What does this have to do with real estate?

From listening to the best and brightest real estate agents attending ICSF, one of the main throughlines from each of them was that in everything they do in their business, they have consistent systems.


It can be an intimidating word, especially when applied to technology.

Let’s break it down. How can you apply systems to your technology use in your real estate business?
The first step is to take a careful look at your business. What are your habits – what do you do everyday, regardless of circumstances? Check email? Call and/or text clients? Engage on social media?

Once you understand your own habits, you can start to create a system. Chances are, you’ve already begun: if you consistently check your email first thing in the morning, set aside time at lunch to post on Facebook and/or have a checklist for marketing, you’ve subconsciously created a system. You can easily build on those systems, fleshing them out into a routine that allows you to focus on what you do best – buying and selling homes!

Desktop with Computer and HeadphonesNow, take a look at the tools already at your disposal. What do you already use everyday? A computer? Perhaps a laptop? Smartphone? Tablet? Now, here comes a tough question.

Are you using each of those devices to the best of what they can offer your business?

Do you have specific apps that you use on a consistent basis for each and every single of your clients? Can you easily shift between working from home to the office to on the road to on vacation without a lot of stress?


If not, you might want to take a step back, perhaps get a little more training on your tech tools, and start to think how to really incorporate each and every piece in your day-to-day business. It’s worth it!

The best part about creating or understanding your real estate business systems, technological or otherwise, is that your introspection and understanding allow you to determine what parts of your system(s) you can defer to someone else. Passing off routine and time-consuming tasks can free you up for a better use of your time, like lead generation, and pass off necessary but annoying aspects of your business.

Systems.  A somewhat scary word, but one that can lead to success.

Do you have systems set in place already? If no…why not?


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