Quick Ways to Stay Organized and Connected: GoConnect and Dizzle

The simple definition of “mobile” is “able to move from one place to another.”  (Merriam-Webster)  Yet, with so much technology and constant buzzword bombardment on websites, social media and in conferences, the meaning of “mobile” has really seemingly been extended to mean “able to move from one place to another while continuing to do your job.”  One of the greatest conveniences in all of this has been the rise of the smartphone.  They’re everywhere.  Whether you’re a Blackberry, Android or Apple, smartphones are considered to be the essential tool of the mobile real estate agent.  To bolster that, there is a full complement of mobile applications (“apps”) to try and cover everything you might need.

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Lucky for us, more and more of those apps are real estate-designed and real estate-specific.  As we struggle with the influx of  information, we need better ways to quickly stay organized and connected.  Two apps currently out there do just that: GoConnect and Dizzle.


GoConnect is the brainchild of Zach Schabot and Jim Garman, who created a company just so they could develop the GoConnect app.  With first-hand knowledge of the real estate industry (check out Go Realty),   Zach and Jim identified that the backbones of any real estate transaction (transaction tasks and leads) could each be categorized into 4 areas:



Each of these categories contains pre-built task plans that can be customized.  You can also add in transaction-specific information, as well as import contacts from your phone.  Finally, there’s a section for leads and lead management – transforming GoConnect into your go-to mobile CRM.




Best part?  GoConnect is Apple and Android-friendly, so no matter which camp you’re in, you’re covered.  (Sorry, Blackberries.)    You can download GoConnect from iTunes or the Google Play store, or visit their website (where the above images came from) here.


In a similar fashion, the creators of the Dizzle app stopped, looked and listened to what real estate agents wanted and could really use in their every-day business.  (One of the creator’s close relatives is still a top real estate agent in Florida.)  Branded to you, Dizzle aims to help you stay connected in two ways: as a shareable mobile app that can easily send listings and updates; and as a shared vendor list.



With powerful, built-in analytics, Dizzle allows you to keep track of who downloads (and shares) your mobile app.  You can also send information to individuals or select groups of people.  Finally, you can stay top-of-mind with clients who have recently bought or sold (or both!) by sharing your vendor list with them on something specifically branded (and connected) to you.

The best way to get started with Dizzle is to learn more about them on their website, and to fill out the sign-up sheet on their website.


Which app are you going to download first?



    • Tara L. Christianson says

      Hi Donna –

      GoConnect is very easy to set up. Just download from either iTunes or the Google Play store and follow instructions from there. You have to enter your workflow, of course, but they give you templates and help along the way. They also have a great support team. Dizzle is a little more complicated because you need to connect with the Dizzle team directly first. The app is branded TO YOU, so it’s YOURS to be released from the app store. They are also very responsive to any questions, however, and I know would be pleased to hear from you.

      There isn’t a lot of overlap – GoConnect is task management and connections, Dizzle is more lead gen and continued contact.

      Please let me know if you have any questions! – Tara

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