2014 in Review: Our Most Popular Posts

The end of a year is always a great time for reflection, for people and businesses alike.  It’s especially a wonderful time when we can review what people were most interested in on websites like this blog.  What were your tech questions for 2014?  Were they answered?

What were your tech questions for 2014?  Were they answered?  (If not, leave us a comment below and we’ll add it to our 2015 List O’ Topics to Tackle!)

2014 Technology in Real Estate

Are you smarter than a smart home?  With new technology being released every day, it can be difficult as a real estate agent to know what our clients are installing in their homes, what conveys and what should be expected when you’re inspecting.

Just starting out in real estate?  It can be hard to determine what you should immediately invest in, and what are considered essentials in the real estate world.  Here are the 5 essentials I think every real estate agent should have when they’re new in the industry.

If the shoe fits… Your online presence should reflect your offline presence – is your digital footprint as big as your real-world footprint?  Learn how you can begin to create a digital footprint comprised of websites, online registrations, profiles and content shared in spaces like social media and comments.

Properly managed leads are a real estate agent’s goldmine.  Defer death by database – don’t lose your leads.  These tips can help prevent leads from being left behind, even lost, and correctly handling your database.

Real estate covers many different areas.  Real estate clients aren’t just interested in resales; you have to be familiar with new construction properties and renovations.  We suggest these 5 apps for your new construction and renovation clients.

Facebook.  Is it purely a social venture, or can it feasibly be used for real estate business?  One of the most useful ways to use Facebook in real estate marketing is through Facebook ads – here’s how to start.

More and more real estate agents are teaming up.  There are 5 apps we’ve identified that every real estate team should consider. Learn how to collaborate and work together for the betterment of everyone in 2015!

Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking apps for business people, but especially for those in the real estate industry.  While there are many articles about how to use Evernote for buyers and sellers, Evernote is also a useful tool to use with your rental clients.

Ads following you all over the Internet…what is that technology and how can you use it for your benefit in your real estate business?  Learn more about remarketing or retargeted marketing , and some of the companies you should be looking at in 2015.

Finally, our most popular post in 2014 by far was an article I wrote shortly after the tragic kidnapping and murder of REALTOR® Beverly Carter.  Using Technology for Real Estate Agent Safety was not only a popular visit for the Agent Driven Tech website, but was also picked up and distributed by Inman News.  While it’s a somber reminder about the daily dangers real estate agents face, perhaps it can help lead to some changes in behavior and attitudes in 2015.


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