The U.S. Real Estate Agent of 2020


6am: Your house gently wakens you at 6am, opening your blackout shades, slowing turning on your bedside light and starting to fix your coffee.

7am: Your voice-activated, electronic personal assistant, Alexa, reads you the local news, tells you what the day’s weather will be and gives you your schedule. You tell Alexa to remind your sellers’ electronic personal assistants about today’s open home and your buyer clients’ assistant what documents will need to get signed today.

8am: You jump into your electric, self-driving car, giving your car the day’s route, before starting to have your email read back to you. No need to go into a brick-and-mortar office – everything you need is now in your car or online, in the cloud.


8:30am: As you head to your first appointment , you get an update on any of the changes that have happened overnight online on social media. You get updated that one client’s Facebook status has changed to ‘engaged,’ another has started to buy paint, paintbrushes and new appliances from Home Depot and yet another has just changed their job on LinkedIn – a job that places them a 50-mile drive from their current residence. Your CRM is automatically updated with this information and your calendar is changed to reflect the need to contact these people immediately!

9am-10am: First appointment with prospective clients. They watched several videos about you and your previous real estate successes online, you’ve exchanged video chats with them, and now you get to meet with them in person for the first time. They’re particularly impressed with the 5 year database of video testimonials you’ve managed to amass from satisfied clients.

11am: First Open Home. You unlock the listing using your thumbprint. Working in tandem with Uber, your office’s Google cars bring buyers in for the inspection. All buyers use TouchID on a tablet to register as they enter the home, and you get an update on your wrist’s smartdevice about each person’s auction history and past real estate history (rentals, buying, investments), as well as the current estimate of their buying power. In turn, buyers receive push notifications on their smartdevices of reviews of you, the agent, as well as the home’s past history and current estimates of its market value.

11:30am: Beacons inform you whether someone who was interested in the property drove past without stopping in. Other beacons tell you where buyers spent the most and least amount of time in the house, and which parts of the room buyers were most interested in.

12pm: Second Open Home. As buyers register, facial biometrics ‘read’ everyone’s faces as they enter, giving you quick feedback based on their facial expressions. Are they eager to buy? Interested in the property? Nosy neighbors? On the fence? You use this information to tailor your approach to them.

1:15 pm: Using the registrations of both Open Homes, you’re able to immediately follow up with everyone via phone and email. Using email suggestions about each person’s ‘personality,’ you’re able to tailor unique emails and voice messages to each prospect, matching your language to their personality and preferred ways of communicating. You use this same technology for all of your prospective and current clients.

2pm: Listing appointment. Your walk-through of the home with the sellers showcases the latest in smart-home technology. You ask for a USB containing pertinent info of the home, which will give you instant knowledge of expenditures on utilities plus feedback on the age and condition of the home, any updates that have been made, and the life of anything conveying with the home.

3pm: Home, pest and radon inspection. You meet your qualified inspectors at the home. Not only is your home inspector licensed for the basics of a home inspection, they’re also knowledgeable about all the tech conveying with the home. They check the readouts of everything from the solar panels on through the cooling and security systems, and give a detailed inspection report to you and the buyers. They also use an instant air reading to determine whether the radon in the basement is within safe levels.  Your pest inspector uses thermal and ultrasonic scans to verify no evidence of termite and other noxious pest activity.

4pm: Meeting at a new construction property. You showcase the building’s potential via virtual reality, printing out a 3D copy of the apartments each buyer is interested in. The buyers can use the builder’s app to also view each apartment remotely, move furniture around and see the views from each apartment.

5pm: You check in with your real (human) assistant. Your virtual, online auction went well for one of your listings and, due to your overseas-targeted marketing, the house sold for $100,000 over asking to an international investor.

5:30pm-11pm: Replies and follow-up at home, and then family time. Tomorrow will bring more of the same!

The future is now. All of the technology mentioned above already exists or is currently in production – just imagine how it could work for you!



[A version of this article was originally printed for an Australian audience in the REIQ Journal, September 2015 edition]


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