Open Homes and the Technology That Helps


True or false: Open homes are the best 3 or 4 hours of your life on a weekend. Sometimes, real estate agents dread holding a home open because the process doesn’t seem to change much from weekend to weekend. There is a great debate about whether, with advancements in technology, open homes are even useful […]

5 Best Apps for New Construction and Renovation Clients

New Construction

With new construction and renovation clients, the sky is the limit!  This can be both a blessing and a curse, as you try and help them navigate the often-murky waters of model homes and renovations – selecting fixtures and flooring, comparing prices, discussing options and deciding how best to proceed.  (These issues can be especially […]

How to Set Up Your Android Phone for Your Real Estate Business

Technology in Real Estate

I recently wrote a post about how to set up your iPhone for your real estate business.  However, having been a former owner myself, I know that many people have circumvented the Apple revolution (and iPhones) by embracing Android technology instead.  Not wanting to leave out those of you who are using Android phones as […]

How to Set Up Your iPhone for Your Real Estate Business

Technology in Real Estate

So, you’ve got one now. You’re either an Apple fanatic or a recent convert.  Maybe you’re even one of the lucky ones to have the all-new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C.  Whatever the case may be, you’re holding an iPhone and now all you’re thinking is, “Now what?”  Never fear.  Here are a few tips on […]