3 Online Privacy Basics

Handcuffs on laptop keyboard

“Privacy” is becoming more than just a buzzword – it’s becoming a serious concern, especially among real estate agents.  While agent safety when out showing homes and meeting clients is an important topic, and one that technology can help with to some extent, it’s imperative that your privacy concerns extend to your online activities.  Here […]

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Technology in Real Estate

Facebook has become one of the best known and most used forms of social media, both for connecting with friends and family, and for business purposes.  A few years ago, Facebook discovered that many people were creating multiple Facebook accounts/profiles in order to conduct business via one account and personal business via another.  In order […]

How to Create Facebook Groups

Technology in Real Estate

Facebook has a myriad of options for people to not only control their privacy and privacy settings, but also to target specific groups to receive specific kinds of knowledge.  I spoke about this before to some extent when I talked about creating Facebook lists.  Facebook lists are especially handy when trying to target a specific […]