5 Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

The next frontier is already here, and it’s called social media.  There are many ways to engage in social media – through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Path, LinkedIn and more.  However, as we start to participate more and more in social media, there are a few things to remember.  Here are 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media to carry with you throughout your day.

1. Do Be Social

There’s a reason social media is called social media.  It’s primary purpose was to create a forum, a meeting place, where people could meet each other and engage with each other.  As more people create profiles on social media and start to venture into social media, there is the temptation to use it as another form of passive marketing.  Passive marketing means proclaiming a message to a group of people without expecting engagement.  While passive marketing might work in the offline world, it’s not the type of marketing to be using in social media.  In other words?  Stop treating social media like a megaphone.  Put the social back into social media.  Engage with people.   Keep the conversational tone.


2. Don’t Post Without a Purpose

If you are posting anything on social media, think before you tweet.  Or Facebook.  Or Google Plus.  What is the purpose of your post?   Is it to reach out to people?  Is it to elicit a certain emotion?  Is it simply to share a simple event?  Many people who use social media, especially in business, tend to mindlessly share anything that comes to mind, often in a haphazard fashion.  If social media is part of your business plan, post with a purpose.  Have social media be part of your overall business strategy, with a clear and concise plan on how you are going to approach each forum.  You may decide that you don’t want to engage with people and that you instead want to post only to gain online visibility (aka SEO aka “Google Juice”).  That’s OK!  As long as you know why you are posting.

fence post that has a purpose

3. Use Images

Now that you know how to protect your images online, start to use them in your social media efforts.  Why?  People love them.  40% of people respond better to visual information that to plain text. (Source)  Need more convincing?  Read this blog post about 19 Reasons You Should Include Visual Content in Your Marketing.    People will comment more, like more,  share more and just plain pay more attention to your social media efforts if you incorporate images.

Nikon camera to use for online photos

4. Don’t Share Anything You Wouldn’t Share With Your Mother

Now that seems a bit harsh and I’m sure people could point to posts of mine that I wouldn’t be racing out to share with my own mother.  However, this “don’t” falls hand in hand with #2 above: think before you tweet/Facebook/etc., especially if you are using social media for business.  The best test is: would this be something I shared with my mother?  If not, why are you sharing it with thousands of complete strangers?


5. Be Consistent

Consistency not only connotes stability, but also creates an expectation of regularity.  Consistency is important  for your message across the various social media platforms, especially when engaging in social media for a business purpose.  Consistency is also important for your social media audience.  Not only should you be consistent in posting  on a regular basis, you should also be consistent in where you are posting.  It’s easier to build a community in social media when people know where to find you and how often to expect you.  When you consistently post with a consistent message, not only do the search engines start to get it, but people do too.  And, as I mentioned in #1 above, people are the reason, the SOCIAL, for social media.

Consistency is Key

There you have it!  5 Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media.  You can find Century 21 Redwood Realty on social media on our Facebook page, our LinkedIn page and our Twitter feed.  If you have any questions about the above, please feel free to contact me at: training@c21redwood.com.

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