How to Get Started on Pinterest

Pinterest.  You’ve probably heard of it.  Perhaps some of you have thought about trying it.  But what IS Pinterest?  And why should you care about it?  Pinterest is a social media site (yes, really) that’s focused on photo-sharing, usually with embedded hyperlinks to a source website, on pinboards.  Some of you may recall those days of having the corkboard above your desk with all sorts of pictures and cut-outs from magazines pinned to it – if so, this is the “new” version of that.  The benefits of a site like Pinterest is it’s a lot less messy, and a lot more material to draw from!  Some people use Pinterest to collect recipes, others to collect inspiration from everything from dream homes  to weddings to home improvement.  Some people even use Pinterest for their fitness motivations, with boards for exercises and inspirational quotes!

Here’s how to get started on Pinterest, whether for business or pleasure, if this sounds like something you’re interested in.

Pinterest_LogoFirst, go to Pinterest’s site.  If you need to create a login name and password, you can do so here.  One word of caution, however – it may be difficult to change your unique URL (i.e., your Pinterest name) if you use a Facebook login.  For the most flexibility, use an email address login for Pinterest.

Pinterest Signup Page

Once you’re in, add in the information about yourself by clicking on your user name in middle of the selections in the top right-hand corner.  Once you click on your name, you can select Settings from one of the options.

How to Find Settings in Pinterest

Under Settings, you can double-check that your sign-up information is correct, change your Password and connect any social media accounts that you want to.    Settings is also where you’ll see another option called “Profile,” next to which will be a button inviting you to “Edit Profile.”  Click on that.

How to Edit Profile in Pinterest

Be sure to add a picture that reflects you best (whether personally or professionally), make sure your username is something easy (so you can invite other people to join in the Pinterest fun!) and tell everyone a little bit about yourself.   If you have one, add a link to your website so people can find out more about you.

Once you’ve saved all those changes, it’s time for the fun part. First, you’ll want to create a Pinterest board.  You can do that by clicking on the plus sign that’s located next to your profile in the top right-hand corner (it’s the left-hand choice).  You’ll see three options to choose from – choose the last one.

How to Create a Board on Pinterest

You’ll see this:

Create a Board on Pinterest

Be sure to use a catchy name, but also a description of the board and then choose the best category for it.  Pinterest recently added the ability to map things on Pinterest by using location-based technology through FourSquare.  This means that if you want to pin your favorite restaurant to a board about the area, you can search for it and have a map that appears along with your pin.  If it doesn’t appear in the search, it means that whatever you’re looking for (e.g. the restaurant) doesn’t have an entry on FourSquare.  Secret boards can be used for you to collect things that you don’t want anyone else to see -  wedding plans, baby shower ideas, holiday or birthday gifts, etc.  You can specifically invite people to Secret Boards as well, so if you’re in planning mode, you can always get some help!  Once you’ve finished with entering all the information, click “Create Board.”

Now it’s time to pin!  There are three ways to add a pin to a board.

Upload a Pin to Pinterest1) Uploading an image from your computer or file storage system that you want to use as a Pin.  You’ll have to manually add in a website link if you want it to link somewhere.

Add a Pinterest pin from a website2) Entering the URL of the website that you want to take the image from.  This “grabs” any images that Pinterest sees on that specific site, and also links to the website.

Search for Pin on Pinterest3) Search for a pin to “repin” to your own board.  You can search Pinterest for specific terms which will lead you to either pins, boards or specific people, depending on the search term you use.  The Search box is found in the upper left-hand corner.   To the left of  the Search box is also the ability to search by specific Pinterest category.

That’s how you get started on Pinterest.  Now, get ready to pin ALL the things!  You can follow us and our Century 21 Redwood Realty Pinterest boards here.  Happy Pinning!

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