Top 5 Takeaways from Agent Reboot and Inman Connect San Francisco 2014

Last month, contributors Eddie Berenbaum and myself attended Inman Connect’s Agent Reboot and Connect conferences in San Francisco, California.  Along with awesome Agent Driven Tech T-shirts(!), we downloaded a whole lot of knowledge from some of the best in the real estate and technology industries.  I’ve compiled a Slideshare of my top takeaways from the events, along with attribution, where applicable.  The biggest takeaways I took from both events were:

  • Marketing – People are really starting to think more and more outside the box when it comes to marketing, especially online marketing.  Facebook and Google allow you to create very customized, targeted marketing experiences, as well as…
  • Video – Video is still one of the number one things talked about at these conferences.  You’ve got to get over your fears and just do it.
  • New Technology – One of my favorite topics, of course…it’s great to see what the future might be.  I’ve incorporated a link on the last slide that leads to what our world could look like one day…it’s getting closer all the time!
  • Organization – Apologies to Duke Ellington, but it don’t mean a thing if you can’t find that thing.  Laura Monroe talked about several tools out there to help you get more organized.  Technology IS there to help you, especially if you’re trying to go paperless.  If you need assistance organizing yourself and your business, please reach out.  I’m happy to help!
  • Timing – Timing really is everything.  Several presenters offered up their suggestions for the best times to send email marketing pieces, as well as deliver content on Facebook.

The last two slides of my takeaways/recap have links to various sites.  Raj Qasar and his brokerage were offered up as examples of how to create a unique “About Us” video, as well as ideas for incorporating Pinterest into your real estate business.  The URLs for two sites that were suggested for visual marketing, ShareAsImage and TubeMogul, have been included as well.

Along with the link to a possible future world I discussed above, I’ve also included a link to mobile statistics that were used by Marci James, Director of Marketing for Obeo, in the mobile breakout session of the Technology Track (which emphasizes how important it is to make sure all of your information IS available on mobile devices).  Finally, Canva has released new templates for real estate agents, and has some marketing suggestions for you.

Two of my favorite speakers from the whole event were Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist of Canva, and Laura Fitton, Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Evangelist.  I’ve linked to Guy’s book on Enchantment, where he expounds on the Top 10 Ways to Enchantment he discussed at Inman, as well as Laura’s slides from her outstanding mainstage presentation about how to incorporate social media and make it part of your business.

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