Set Up Evernote for Your Real Estate Business in 3 Easy Steps

Evernote in Real Estate

Evernote.  It’s a pretty much inescapable word these days.  Attend any real estate conference, visit any Facebook page for real estate technology, talk with any trainers or fellow agents…at one point or another, you’re going to hear “Evernote” come out of someone’s mouth.  Two blog posts ago, I even talked about using Evernote for your […]

Creating an Online Business Plan for 2014

Technology in Real Estate

The new year is rapidly approaching, and many of you have already accomplished your business plans for 2014 (and some for 2015!)  One of the areas that you may have missed in creating your 2014 business plans, however, is an online business plan.  While it doesn’t have to be separate from your business plan, it […]

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

Technology in Real Estate

LinkedIn is one of the most well-known social media platforms out there.  Famous for being your “online professional resume,” LinkedIn not only allows you to connect with other professionals, it also is a great place for recruitment.  With its ease of use and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, LinkedIn has become the social media platform […]

5 Reasons Why Facebook Business Pages Fail

Technology in Real Estate

You’ve done it.  You’ve created a Facebook Profile.  You’ve adjusted all your Facebook privacy settings like I talked about here and here.  You’ve started to “friend” and engage with people on Facebook.  You’ve created Facebook Lists.   Maybe even created or joined a few Facebook Groups.  Then you’ve taken the next social media plunge and […]

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Technology in Real Estate

Facebook has become one of the best known and most used forms of social media, both for connecting with friends and family, and for business purposes.  A few years ago, Facebook discovered that many people were creating multiple Facebook accounts/profiles in order to conduct business via one account and personal business via another.  In order […]

Set Up Your Gmail Account, Part Two

Technology in Real Estate

Last week, I talked about how to initially set up your Gmail account.  Initial setup works well if you just want to get up and go email someone, but sometimes real estate agents need a little bit more.  This post about setting up your Gmail account will be about importing your real estate client and […]

Tracking Your Real Estate Expenses: Expensify v Mint

Technology in Real Estate

Into every life, a little rain must fall.  For self-owned businesses like most real estate agents, that rain is made up of the IRS and quarterly taxes (and, of course, that dreaded date in April).  Gathering, keeping and transmitting important real estate business information is essential when it comes to keeping your financial head on […]