How to Use Instagram’s New Hyperlapse App

A few weeks ago, the Internet was abuzz with activity over the release of a new app from Instagram called Hyperlapse.  Why?  Instagram’s Hyperlapse app allows you to take time-lapse video, adjusting the speed of that video, and posting it to different sites.  Within hours, it was being debated in the real estate community what benefit Hyperlapse had, and whether Hyperlapse should be used in the real estate industry.  So here are some thoughts on those debates.

Hyperlapse from Instagram

The obvious benefit of Hyperlapse is giving anyone with an Apple product (not out for Android yet, sorry) easy access to creating timelapse videos.  In the past, timelapse could be complicated to produce, not to mention battery-draining.  Now, one app has solved that.  Hyperlapse even allows you to decide speeds – from 1x to 12x – of your video, so you pick the rhythm of your video.

The not-as-obvious benefit, as was pointed out by Steve Pacinelli, is that Hyperlapse also incorporates a video stabilization algorithm called Cinema*.  Cinema allows for a hyper-stable fluidity, taking away the notorious “shaky-cam” that often plagues handheld video attempts with other video apps (like Videolicious).  

What does this all mean for you as a real estate agent?

 While you’re not going to want to give up your professional videographer any time soon, Hyperlapse can be useful if you want to send potential buyers informative tours and information about a series of homes or, even better, about a community.  You don’t have to use a timelapse, necessarily, but it could be useful to give someone an idea about the varying views from a riverside home, highrise or somewhere with a view.  For sellers, you could use Hyperlapse to give them an example of what you want to use in marketing, explaining that you’ll have a professional do the final shots.  Finally, although the Hyperlapse app doesn’t have the ability to incorporate music directly when you take the video, you are able to export it to other apps, like iMovie, for additional editing before uploading.  

Have you given Hyperlapse a try yet?  What do you think? Would you use it in your business?

*You can read more about the science of Cinema here.    

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