Defer Death by Database with These Tips

Fact: The most important thing a real estate agent has in their business is their database.

Nothing else matters.

Each name is like holding onto a piece of gold.  Because that name isn’t just a name – it’s a person.  A person with hopes, desires, aspirations and?  Family and friends.

To call someone a “lead” isn’t correct because, like most people, they don’t just fall under one category or another.  At one point in life, they may rent.  They may buy. They may sell.  They may be content in their home, but happy to broadcast how amazing you are.

Unfortunately, it’s common after a real estate transaction with someone for that person to go untouched, uncommunicated with by their real estate agent.  There are a number of ways you can defer that death by database, however.  Here are some tips:

Use Social Media to Be… Social

Facebook Like ThumbSocial media is just that.  It’s there to be social.  So, socialize.  Use social media to reach out to those in your database to let them know you’re thinking of them.  It can be a private message, a little post on a wall, even just a smiley face.  Something that acknowledges them, and let’s them know you’re thinking of them.  And yes, you can put them on a “list” on most social networks (which means you can even keep them from seeing everything you post).

Have a Contact Management System

Side view of rolodex.You may sometimes hear them referred to as “CRMS” (Client Relationship Managment Systems).   Call it “George,” for all I care.  Whatever you call it, make sure you actually use a contact management system.  It can be something that’s given to you by your franchise or brokerage.  It could be an Excel spreadsheet.  It could be a stack of Post-It notes.  However, think about how your contact management system fits in the grand scheme of things.

Are you aiming to be an online real estate agent?  Is your brokerage online?  Have they mentioned that gasp-inducing word “paperless”?  If so, you’re going to want to look at other online available options to manage your contacts.  You can go with stalwarts in the field, like Top Producer, or new additions, like Contactually.  Whatever you choose, think about how the system integrates with other things you want to do, both on- and offline.

Drip on People

Dripping FaucetEw.  Not like that.  Keep people in a drip campaign of some sort so that they continue to get information.  This shouldn’t be random information, however.  Sadly, the days of bombarding anyone and everyone with listings and just solds and recipe cards is over.  Now people actually want information they can use.  (How dare they!)  So, that nifty database I mentioned before?  Should have groups – sections of people that you can use to send highly targeted information to.  You’re going to want to consistently send them information they want.  I’m going to say that again:

You’re going to want to consistently send them information they want.

Again, your franchise or brokerage may provide you with a system that you can use.  Otherwise, there are email systems out there that integrate with your email: Constant Contact, BombBomb and MailChimp are three that first come to mind.  If you don’t want to or don’t have time to write your own messages, consider Happy Grasshopper, who provides personalized messaging with built-in timeframes!  (Confession: I do some writing and editing for them.) 

Don’t suffer a death by database, being so overwhelmed with contacts you don’t know which way is up until all is lost.

Keep it managed.  Keep in touch.  Reach out.  People want to know you’re there, that you care.

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